Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We hear "follow me" when he doesn't want you to just listen but to show you something.
He always asks, "Why because?"  I think we use "because" as an answer too much to all his "why" questions!  Yes we are getting "but why" and "its not fair" from our TWO year old!!
He is always saying "Guess what" and "that was close!"
He tells us 20 times a day "Watch this game" and then proceeds in doing something funny.
If one of his siblings makes him mad you will hear "You not my friend!". (Yes we are working on that one!)
Sandwiches are "Samich"
He "wubs" us.
He will tell anyone who will listen about his birthday that is in a long time and that he is 2, Keaton is 5, Tiana is 3.  He also adds that on his next birthday he will be 3!
He is always reminding us that "I's a big boy" UNLESS he doesn't want to do something and then it is "I's NOT a big boy".
He is now wanting to go potty all by himself... without any help to make sure that he actually gets everything IN the potty!!!  He is BARELY tall enough to do this... makes life interesting!
When he is wrong about something he just adds "Just kidding" as a response... just to make sure we knew that he knew what he was talking about.
He gets himself dressed now with no problems... we just have to lay out his clothes.
He will dip ANYTHING in Catsup or Ranch.
He loves anything spicy.... in fact a favorite is "spicy Catsup" aka salsa!
He is tracing letters now on his Leapster Explorer!!
Favorite color is Green.
He talks very clearly but he also talks VERY fast and ALL THE TIME!  He makes up his own songs and talks to everybody and nobody!  He also is VERY random so I feel like my main job is a translator.  For example... monkeys were mentioned off hand and here is what Camden says "Monkeys, jammies, Nana got em, fire truck ones, like the song, listen to me Mom, listen, FIRETRUCK FIRETRUCK, I wanna ride in a firetruck...(song continues).."  This sentence is all said in one breath with no pauses in between!  I happen to know that Nana got him monkey and firetruck pj's and he loves a firetruck song so it all made perfect sense... however to those sitting around... they were LOST!
And he is very much still a cuddle bug which this Mommy loves!!