Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last but not least: Thanksgiving

On Wednesday we went to some tide pools.  The tide was really low, which made this the perfect day to go!  The kids had a blast and so did we.  What a beautiful day on the California coast.

All the kiddos looking at a 21 legged starfish.

Tiana loved touching everything!

Camden... not so much!

Our climber!

She spent most of her time looking for pretty rocks and shells!

Found one!  If we would have kept everything she found I wouldn't have been able to hike out!

Adorable Liliana.

Big muscles!


More big muscles!


All our kiddos.  Gracie (6) Keaton (5) Lucas (4) Liliana (1) Tiana (3) Camden (2)

On Thanksgiving day I told the kids that I wanted some acorns so I would give them a penny for each one they found!

Gracie got smart and started picking them off of the tree!

The kids made turkeys.

Camden didn't wait for a photo, he just ate it as soon as it was done.

We had a wonderful time enjoying great company and beautiful weather!  Let's hope we can see a little more of this little family!