Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Part One: San Diego

We had been talking about going down to San Diego and meeting my cousin and his family since last July!  We made it work and planned it around the Boise State vs San Diego State game.  We drove down which surprisingly went very well.  We left REALLY early and made it all the way to Las Vegas in one day.  The kids did awesome this day and we got a great deal on a room at Circus Circus which was a hit of course.  It was great to be able to have lots to do without ever leaving the resort for that evening!

With the room we got vouchers for a few rides!  Keaton loved this airplane ride and the lady let him ride on it twice... just because!

Of course Miss Tiana chose this ride, which she LOVED!!!  The guy let Keaton and I ride on it with her!

And yes, this is how excited she was!

They loved the moving sidewalk!  We rode lots of "alligators" (elevators) and "excavators" (escalators) the moving sidewalk was called either of the above.

 The next day we made it to San Diego in time to get checked into the hotel and see the beach right before it was dark!

They were so very excited to see the beach again!  This was the only time that we actually spent on the beach in San Diego since the weather was a bit chilly (by San Diego standards) and we had lots going on.

So cute when we catch them cuddling up being loving sister and brother!
 The next morning we headed out to Sea World.  Our only adventure was when we got there we discovered that the tire on our jogging stroller had blew over the pass so we had to go buy a stroller at Target real fast.  Of course they didn't have an umbrella stroller of any sort in that store but we got a Sit Stand which we actually REALLY liked!  As if we needed to add ANOTHER stroller to our collection!!
New skirt for Sea World!

My own pattern with MODKID knit by Patti Young.

This is the first time that I have done the lettuce ruffle hem and her and I both love it!

Because of our stroller incident we missed the feeding of the dolphins but we did get to see them up close!

Tiana and I both got to touch a dolphin which was the highlight of our Sea World experience!

Tiana was amazed at the dolphin show, she loved it!!

During this part where the dolphin was "walking" on the water Camden said "I can do that!".  Every show he kept saying, "I can do that" like what was the big deal!  So funny!

Love this photo, Lucas and Keaton were best of friends and fought like brothers toward the end of the trip!  They were our little guides!

This show was very funny, a lot of it was over the kids' heads but us adults thought it was quite funny!

Of course this show was amazing!

One of my favorite photos!

Waiting in line with Gracie, Lucas, and Emily. (One of my other cousins and his family met us in San Diego also)  Between the three of our families we had 6 adults and 8 kiddos all 6 and under!  It surprisingly was very enjoyable and not stressful at all!

Camden and Lucas.

This is what happens when you are two and dress yourself already... sometimes things don't go quite right!

He didn't seem to notice or care!
 Saturday us girls went shopping at an outlet mall while the guys had the kids.  That evening was the BSU game.  We rode on a Trolley (aka choo choo train) to the stadium.  This was a very exciting thing for our kids!

Camden had a lot of fun at the very opposite end of the row in a seat all by himself before the game started!

Lucas and Keaton got to go to the VERY top of the stadium to check it out!
 While we were gone Nana and Papa took care of Izzy for us.  Abby (their dog) is such a little mommy to her.  They had a great time together.  We got this photo of doggy buck beds from Nana.  Abby wouldn't leave her even to take naps so she slept on top of her crate.