Monday, December 12, 2011

Daddy's Birthday!

Last week was Daddy's birthday!!  We had a wonderful dinner with family on Wed and then Saturday we had dinner with the other side of the family!  We are so lucky to have such a kind, loving, patient Daddy and Husband!
While we were at meeting Wednesday Talya and Izzy got into something outside!  We came home to little black noses!  Notice Abby outside looking in, watching over her little friends.

Singing to Daddy.

He had lots of help blowing out candles!

As soon as they were out Camden took out the candles and declared "Let's eat cake!"  He then proceeded in trying to pick up and eat the ENTIRE cake!  Love Tiana's face!

No hands horsey ride!

Saturday we all got together for a late Thanksgiving dinner since most of us were gone on Thanksgiving day.  We also celebrated Daddy's and Grandpa's birthdays at the same time!

I got lots of baby time with my little nephew Winston and niece Stella!

Tiana washed most of the dishes for Grandma!

She told Grandma very seriously that "She (grandma) was a very good helper!".

Remington and Tiana.

Yummy Popsicles!