Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Part Two: The Beach

Monday morning we headed north to T&H's house!  Daddy was the designated story teller each night.  He had them all in fits of laughter each time he read!
 Of course the next morning we headed to the beach!  Gracie had school so we took Lucas with us to spend the day at the beach.

Tiana "planted" her flowers in a pink bucket!

Keaton wrote his own name (he can now write Tiana's also)... his E is usually lowercase now but it was easier in the sand to have it uppercase.

How did he grow up so fast!?

Lil' miss wrote her name too!  I LOVE the tails of her a's and n!!

Lucas helping Camden... which was adorable and lasted all of a few second until Camden realized he wasn't doing it himself!!

As per normal, she is dancing!

It was all he could do to lug this bucket full of sand!

"Where my toes go Mom?"

Hmmm what to do with this hole now....

Sit in it!!

Designated sand turtle builders!

Making the fins, oh so carefully!

We had lots of shared giggles, which these parents LOVE to hear!

And since we have reached the stage of funny faces being oh so fun... here are a couple funny face photos.  These are way easier to get then cute smiles!

Making eyes for the turtle.

There was lots and lots.... and lots... of racing between these boys!

At the starting line...

Camden getting a lift.

Meanwhile... Tiana danced (surprise surprise) on a sea turtle stage!

Dancing in the water!

My little model.

Cheesy smile for annoying Mom with the camera!

Playing tag.

Holding hands!

This went so wrong... we told Keaton that Daddy was going to jump over him but must have forgot to mention that he was supposed to stand still.  He jumped right as Daddy was in the air!  Knocked him flat of course!  So we had to try again!

Sneaking up on waves! "shhhhhh"


Crazy girl, that water was COLD!

 After the beach we stopped by the cutest little farmer's market place!

The boys and the flowers!  Love it!