Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day to Day

We have been really busy with the day to day things around here.  With two separate preschool schedules and an upcoming birthday it seems that we are having fun but not doing that much that is photo worthy!
Keaton... after a long no-nap stretch... has started napping again!!  YAY!!  He always falls asleep in funniest possitions though!  I was talking to him here and found it odd that he didn't respond!  Sound asleep!

Keaton's good friend Jace just had a birthday so I made him a couple super hero capes and masks.  I used men's t-shirts to make them which makes them kid friendly and easy to care for.  The mask is just two layers of knit with really thick interfacing on each side.  I used the super soft fold elastic for the mask.

I made Keaton a Captain America one that he LOVES!  Now to remember to get photos of him!

Close up of the mask!

Last weekend we went to New Meadows for a weekend away!  This is what I saw while I was trying to get the van loaded up!  What cuties I have!


Cassie said...

What a superb idea! Look awesome as always!