Thursday, October 13, 2011

Keaton is FIVE!!!

I can't believe that I have a FIVE year old!!  That just sounds SO big to me!!  It doesn't seem like that long ago that we got to hold him for the first time... he was SO tiny! We loved him from the moment that we got a phone call about him.  He was born on a Friday the 13th and I remember specifically thinking on that day (as everyone was talking about bad luck) that it wasn't bad luck for everyone and that there were babies being born that day so it could be a very lucky day!  Little did I know that my first born was being born that very day!  He has been such a joy to us every day.
Keaton is my literal child which can lead to some very funny conversations!  This morning he woke up in quite a tizzy since everyone FORGOT about his birthday!!  I tried to explain to him that he was sleeping when Daddy left so he didn't forget!  He called his Daddy and had a little talk to him about it!  He has so loved the phone calls that he received from family telling him Happy Birthday.... each one PROVING that they didn't forget his birthday!  I guess he expected everyone to come in the middle of the night and wake him up to have his party!! 
Right after this he asked me, "WHEN am I going to be SIX!!!"  As if he had been five for long enough already!  Slow down big guy, this Mommy wants to enjoy you being five, for it is going by WAY to fast!
This was our breakfast conversation:
Keaton:  "Since I am big now am I going to get a beard?" 
Me: "No, you have to wait a while for that to happen..."
Keaton: "Like when I get to be Jace's age (he is 6)!" 
Me: "Nope, big like your Uncles age! 
Then Tiana asked.... "When am I going to get a beard Mom." 
Me: "Sweety, hopefully never!"
Playing what he loves most... football!  He is SO athletic!  This kid can catch just about any throw you give him!

LOVE this one!  It reminds me so much of this next photo of him...

Keaton at 15 Months!

*Update* We just got back from the doctor and Keaton is 45.5 inches tall (93%) and 46 lbs(86%)!