Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The rest of our weekend

We have quite the play group that we get together with regularly.  The kids play for hours on end together while us moms chat and relax.  This is all but two of the little ones eating lunch!  Yes, that is 12 kids 4 and under with two more on the way!!! We love it!

That and of course we get some cousin time too which is always a good thing!

Tiana getting her turn holding Winston while big brother Remington looks on!

 Also this weekend was Nana's birthday so on Sunday we had my family over for dinner!  I just love that on one side of the family the kids have lots of cousins and on the other side they have fun Uncles and an Auntie to play with!!!
Making faces with Uncle Derek on the top bunk!

Getting Chelsea!

The kids are getting big enough that when they gang up on an adult they can knock you over!

Nana and Papa and their grand-kiddos!