Friday, October 14, 2011

Little Surprise!

We have been keeping a little secret for the past few weeks!!! We got a little puppy as a surprise for Keaton for his birthday!!
Meet Izzy, she is a goldendoodle and sweet as can be.  Here she is at almost 3 weeks old.
5 weeks old.
 On Keaton's birthday we headed over to pick her up, Keaton had no idea what his present was!
Waiting while we got her....

Closing their eyes... well Camden wasn't....

LOVE this!

Noticed the look of confusion on Keaton's face... and Tiana with her eyes still closed...

Camden has it figured out... Keaton still a little shocked... Tiana still has her eyes closed!

There we go, all kids have realized what is going on!  I love Tiana's look on her face, I can just hear her, "aaaawwww a puppy!"

Keaton then says, "But we don't have any food!"  He was just trying to figure out how we could have a puppy but yet we didn't have any dog things.  Of course we had been sneaking puppy things in for weeks without him knowing!

They are all in love with their new puppy!

There she is in all her cuteness!
Mark and Kyla got a puppy also from another litter so we have little cousin puppies! We then headed over to Mark and Kyla's for dinner and the puppies played.

Talya, their little puppy, is a lot more active, outgoing and vocal than little Izzy.  Here Talya is chasing Keaton around.

Keaton was very worried about Talya getting Izzy.

We kept telling him that it was just how they play!

All tired out.  Talya is the lighter one on top and Izzy is the one on bottom.  Izzy is more curly, darker and a bit smaller than Talya.
Izzy did great last night out in her pen in the garage.  She slept until about 5:30 or so and then she cried and whined on and off until about 8.  Come to find out she didn't want to go potty in her pen...  poor girl!  Oh well, now we have it figured out!  She has been great with the kids and is just very mellow.  We had a birthday party today for Keaton with lots of little kids around and she just had a blast and wasn't overwhelmed by the noise and commotion at all.


Twila said...

AWWWW! (I echo Tiana).. is she standard or miniture or??? I want one! ;-)(we grew up with a miniture poodle..PERFECT pet for kids). But what will you get for Tiana & Camden's bdays? Two more dogs?? HA!