Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Conversation of the Day

Me: How about we go to the Y tonight and go swimming!
Keaton: But are you sure that it is open...
Me: Yes, I am sure.
Keaton: But how do you know...
Me: Just trust me Keaton, I wouldn't have said anything if it wasn't open.
Keaton: You said last week that it was closed because they were cleaning it.
Me: YES I know, I was there just last night though and they were open... JUST TRUST ME... Mommy knows EVERYTHING!!!
Keaton: (laughs) EVERYTHING, I doubt that!

Two Minutes Later.....

Keaton: When we live out in the country I want a telescope!
Me: A telescope... really... do you even know what that is???  Keaton, what is a telescope!?!
Keaton:  (laughing) What, you don't even know what a telescope is!!!!  I TOLD you that you don't know EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Maybe we have a future lawyer on our hands!


Country Family said...

oh boy...that's all I can say... :)