Friday, September 9, 2011


We added to our Labor Day weekend and went camping for a couple days.  We decided to go up to Hazard Lake up above McCall.  We have been here quite a bit but not for a few years.  We had a great time but it was REALLY cold at night!  We ended up having two of the kids in bed with us!  Tiana is TERRIFIED of the dark which does not work out really well for camping... so she was beside us... Camden was freezing so he was between us!  Needless to say we ended up heading back the next evening so that we didn't have to have another sleepless night!

While we set up camp the kids gathered wood for a fire!

There were plenty of rocks to play on... this is the one that Tiana falls off of later in the evening.  It doesn't look that bad from this side but the other side drops off to make about a 6 foot tall rock!!!

A tent site makes for a great sand box!

Attempting to climb a pine tree!

Camden was busy eating an oreo and Tiana was having a little fit!
All ready to go on a boat ride!

Poor little girl!  She was climbing on a big rock (6 foot tall) and fell off... we were VERY lucky that all she ended up with was surface scratches and no broken bones!!!!!

It is SO nice that the kids love the boat enough for Daddy to take them out by himself!

She HAD to have a band aid on her nose of course!

Eating marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate!

Showing their muscles!

We took a hike one afternoon.  The kids did pretty good, I had to carry Tiana back the last 1/2 mile but other than that they loved it.

Camden talked the ENTIRE way.  "Look it, tree.... look pretty flowers.... look snakes" (any tree root that stuck out of the ground he called a snake!)

Needless to say, Daddy was happy to have him walk for awhile... the commentary did not stop though.

He was VERY slow because he didn't miss a thing... and he had to make sure that I didn't either!

We didn't get all the way to the lake but we stopped by the stream.  Daddy (and Tiana) were catching grasshoppers and then throwing them in the pond.  10-15 fish would immediately fight over the grasshopper jumping all the way out of the water to get them!

Looking for grasshoppers!

LOVE this!

Giving kisses... no wonder he wasn't very fond of them!

Dirty little monkey!

We were packing up camp and Tiana was being her normal goofy self!

Camden has this new habit.  When he is mad at me he sighs (very loudly) and crosses his arms!!  It is adorable!
Keaton copying Camden!

Every day camping the kids brought me flowers, I put them all in a glass and enjoyed them all weekend.
 We spent the rest of the weekend in New Meadows, watching the BSU game and relaxing!  We just love our time there and love having a house to stay in whenever we get a chance!

Daddy and his biggest fisher-girl!

 We then came home to Preschool and Pre-K starting up!
Tiana has done WONDERFUL.  I expected tears and a bit of a battle but nope... she has loved it from day 1.  She hasn't really made any little friends yet but she LOVES her teacher which is the important part!

Keaton of course has done great at Pre-K... no surprise there though.  One little boy in his class was in his class for a few months last year too... they immediately were fast friends.