Thursday, September 8, 2011


Wow, I am a bit behind on here and lots have happened.  You know when you get to the end of the summer and you are looking at school starting so then all of the sudden you try to cram in anything and everything before it starts!  Well that is what we did!  We played with friends....

Love how Camden jumps in... face first so that he can go under!

... we made a weekend trip to New Meadows.  It was full of relaxing and lot of fishing! 

The second the first fish was out of the water, Tiana picked it up!  Keaton and Camden wouldn't touch it but Tiana held it a lot!

Camden was trying to get it to eat his fishing pole!

Fish ON!!

The next morning we tried the fishing out again but we didn't have any luck!

Camden got to "drive" from the pond to the house.  For those who are worried, this is not very far and not on any roads!

Being a goon ready to go to the pool!

This is the only way that Keaton would hold the fish.

What the boys are doing and why..... not sure!

Helping Grandma wash dishes after dinner on the way home!