Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grandma time

Grandma came over the other day and her and I ended up having all five of the little cousins here for the afternoon!  Yikes, talk about high volume and energy.  It actually went great until nap time came and went... that is when things got a little crazy and this Mommy got a little frazzled!  That is a lot of kids 4 and under.  In a few years it will be fun and a lot easier to have them all together.  They have fun but it is a lot of work and trying on the nerves right now trying to keep some sort of order.... and to think that next summer there will be TWO more!!!  For some reason I don't see Grandma taking all the kids for the day... or if she offers there is NO WAY I will let her do it without some serious help!  Not while they are all this little at least.
They all get along like siblings.... there is a lot of arguing and fighting... nothing serious of course but the adults are definitely referees the entire time!  There is also a lot of hugs and giggles.  I know that I definitely do NOT want FIVE kids!  That is for sure!!!!!  I couldn't do it... granted they wouldn't be this close in age!

These two cuddled, giggled and hugged the entire time during story time.

I hope they stay this close through the years!


Shana said...

So cute! Reminds me of our group of cousins here...7 under 4 and soon to be 8 under 4! CRAZY time when we are all together! :)