Monday, April 25, 2011

My Birthday Weekend

We have loved the few days of spring weather that we have been having!  One of our favorite things is to take walks in the evenings.
Shaggy Camden enjoying his ride.

I got this amazing scooter at Moppet Togs for a photo prop/Keaton toy!  Showing off some tricks!

He loves it but he got VERY tired going around the entire neighborhood.
Tiana cruised around on the trike!

 This weekend was my birthday and I had such a wonderful weekend.  Friday night we headed out to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner.  They have baby chicks right now so the kids got to see the chicks.  We had a great time, the kids always love playing outside and seeing all the animals and of course Grandpa and Grandma!

 Saturday we spent the day catching up on sleep and things around the house.  After the kids took LONG much needed naps we decided to venture out for my birthday dinner.  We took the kids to Joe's Crab Shack and discovered that all the kids love shrimp!!!!  This was VERY exciting to us parents!!  Camden took a bite... hesitated... chewed.... then declared "mmmm chicken!".  It was one of those times that the kids were awesome and we got to really enjoy our food.  It was perfect time spend with my little family!

The cutest picture of our little love bug and Daddy.

 Right outside we had to go admire the river that is VERY high right now!  Camden kept asking for his "fishing pole!"  I guess we have a little fisherman, just like Daddy.

Taken by Keaton, a little blurry but hey, at least we are in the photo!!

Tiana dancing to the music!

 Sunday we headed out after meeting to my parents house for a birthday dinner celebrated with my Grandma (24th also), Uncle Ryan (26th), Chelsea (27th) and my birthday!!  This is the beginning of LOTS of birthdays in my family!  Tiana woke up on Sunday and ran in and said, "Happy Birthday Mommy... is it my birthday now!?!?"  We have been telling her that it will be Mommy's birthday and THEN her birthday.  I think that she was more excited about it being my birthday because then it was hers next!!!
Nana put some eggs together for the kids to have a little Easter egg hunt!  As soon as Camden found out that there was candy in them he would open each one and stuff it all in his mouth!  At one point I fished out 7.... that is right SEVEN big jelly beans!!!!!

A little Keatonism:  He was telling us how that at preschool when they race to the playground he always wins. (This isn't surprising since this kid is FAST... however who knows if any of the other kids even know they are racing ;) )  He told us that, "I go so fast I am going to just get dust all over them!"  Someone must have told him the little line that he just left them in the dust!  I love his little interpretation!