Friday, December 5, 2014

We are alive!!

Well Hello!  Yes, I am still blogging and yes we are doing wonderful!  I have missed this little place of mine like crazy.  Did you know that building a house EATS time... like seriously.... hours in the day just GONE!?  Yep, it is true.  We are getting close to moving in (YAY) but between that and my photography and kiddlets, well life happened!  Not to mention my computer stopped reading my camera card.  Anyways, those are my goofy excuses so now you will have bear with me as we do a MASSIVE update!  I will just start a little bit at a time to get caught up.  We will now take a little trip back in time to June and Hawaii!!!!  We had 3 weeks there again and Daddy got to join us for the last 10 days!  These post will be photo heavy and light on words!

Kid leashes!

Me taking photos of the kids and bubbles!

Keaton pulled his own tooth!!!!  Kind-of.... with lots of screaming!

Pick guava with Papa so that Nana could make more guava jam!

Successful day!

This sums up most of our evenings... Camden playing in the sand while the rest of us took turns playing in the water!

We took the kids snorkeling for the first time this trip down in Kona. 

Tiana and a turtle.
The turtle in the photo above was right under Tiana and Camden!!!  This was only about 10 feet off shore!!!

Coffee beans

You can tell that they LOVE the beach.  They spent most every minute in the water!