Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hawaii Part 2

Most days consisted of some beach time in the morning followed by lunch, naps and then a dip in the pool.  Then we ate dinner and headed back out to the beach for sunset boogie boarding!

 This beach was right down the road from the condo and the turtles liked to come in here so we did a beach walk... turned beach swim... close to home!

Up close and personal to a turtle!

Pig nose coral!

Quality turtle talk!
A couple of the turtles we saw this evening.

One of our favorite beaches.  The kids love jumping off the rocks! 

Lazy snorkling

This is where they had to climb up to get to the top of the rock!

 Back to Hapuna Beach for the evening.  This was our usual evening beach because it had the highest chance of having big waves!

 Uncle Ryan was working over there so he would meet us there for some evening fun! David came along this night and the kids had never met him.  They didn't know his name so Camden started calling him Uncle No-Name!  Of course they soon learned his name but the "Uncle No-Name" nickname stuck!

I got to sit on the beach, enjoy the sunset while listening to lots of laughter from the kids!

This beach was right down the road from the condo as well.  It makes for a nice little walk!

Here we build snow forts... in Hawaii they build coral forts!

Keaton's coral tower!

Mr Camden's tower!

Keaton the sea moose!

Tiana's tower!

This brings us to the point that DADDY comes!!!!!!!