Monday, December 8, 2014

Hawaii Part 3

We were all so happy to have Daddy come!!!  We started out by eating dinner at our favorite little restaurant on the water.  The kids love it because they can feed french fries and rice to the fish!

We didn't waste any time getting Daddy to the beach!

On the 4th of July Keaton, Daddy and Nana and Papa all hiked in to Captain Cooks to go snorkeling.  The highlight of that snorkel trip was that they got to swim with a good size reef shark! Keaton wasn't even alarmed! He thought it was quite cool! 
Keaton and Papa just getting in!

AAAAAnnnnd the shark that was right there.
Tiana, Camden and Mommy just went swimming and then went to check on the turtles at turtle beach.

There is turtle in the water right behind and to the left of Camden.
 We then met the crew for lunch and Hawaiian ice! 

The kids attempted to take a photo of Mommy and Daddy!

 Fireworks paled in comparison to the natural light show we had that night.  This was hands down the most amazing sunset I have EVER seen!!  Photos don't even begin to do it justice!

On the 5th we hiked into a beach and were greeted with crystal clear water, white sand and the beach almost totally to ourselves!  Uncle Derek had flown in so he joined in on the fun!


Camden and Daddy were rolling in the fine white sand and then racing into the ocean to rinse off.... then repeat!

Digging a big tunnel!

After Sunday morning meeting they showed us a couple of the Chameleons that liked to reside in their garden! 

I love their first reactions!!!

Keaton of course stayed a VERY safe distance away.  Him and lizards or snakes or insects.... or anything that isn't fuzzy really don't get along! :)


Trudi Saby said...

So glad you updated your blog, Kyla! Was fun to meet you in Montana...but would be more fun to meet you in Hawaii!!!!