Friday, March 1, 2013

Market on the Ocean and Monkey

This isn't a bad view to have while eating breakfast!
Random sheep seats by the executive restaurant where we eat breakfast.
We took a long walk down the beach this morning.  Love this palm tree growing out in the surf. 

This market is very interesting.  It is RIGHT on the beach... there are sand bags to keep the surf out of the shops.  Waves crash into the sand bags all along the market.

This guy was posing for my photo!

All week we have seen these same two guys come by with parrots and an iguana... today they came by with a monkey though so we had to do photos for the kids.  My mom snuck in a few shots from behind!

Tomorrow we head home after breakfast!  Can't WAIT to see our kiddos!!!  We miss them like crazy! All this laying around has done wonders for my ankle though so I hope it continues to improve at home!