Monday, August 27, 2012

BSU Dress

Tiana has been asking for a Boise State dress for a while now!  It took a bit to get all of the different fabrics together... now that I have them though, I have a TON left over.  I see lots more dresses in our future!  Today she asked for a dress for her dolly, so of course I obliged!  This is the first doll dress I have made and it was SO fast and easy that I will probably end up making her a few more!  Tiana's dress is from the LBB Sienna dress pattern.
click to enlarge.

Love this giggle!

She had to take her baby down the slide really quick before bed!


Camden just chillin with Izzy!
 Keaton started Kindergarten last Wednesday!  He LOVED it!   I asked him what his favorite part was and he said "Playing outside.... and MOM there is going to be a SPORTS day!!" Aka P.E. sounds like I have a normal boy!  On Saturday when he found out that he didn't get to go to school he was upset... so I guess he loves it!  He has been very tired, getting up early is NOT what he is used to.  He does great in the mornings but by afternoon/evening he is quite cranky!  He has been taking a few naps though again which has helped.

The first day I got to ride the bus with him.  He has been VERY excited to ride the bus to Nana's house every day!
 While I am getting ready for fall, I am going to miss the happy giggles that come from the pool!
Paddling on their boat!

Keaton giving them a ride!

Keaton mid air trying to knock them off the air mattress!


We had to go to the zoo for one last summer activity before school started up!  We met some good friends there.
The little joey was very curious about us.

Tiana's favorite part was the butterfly exhibit.  Camden would just scream if they landed on him or got too close!

D had two on his hat and Keaton had one on his head, they thought it was very funny!

Tiana was getting irritated that one wouldn't land on her!  I had to take a photo for her so that she could see that one really liked her hair bow!

Good friends that both started Kindergarten this year!

They were all excited that they got to carry their money and pay for the carousel ride!

They enjoyed playing tag on the ride! lol!

Living room cheer up!

We have had our couches for 5 years now and I have been looking for fabric that matches for the entire time.  It is such a hard color to match since it is a grey green.  I was SO excited to discover that these fabrics matched.  Needless to say it took me WAY to long to get these made.  I made them as slip covers so that in the winter I can go back to the dark brown.

My favorite pillow!

I also just finished this pin cushion, I like it so well that I may use it as decor for a bit!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lake Wallowa

First we will add a cute photo that I just found on my phone!  We had a BBQ a while ago with quite a few of the little kids on our field!  I love that our kids have so many friends to grow up with!

From the family reunion we headed to family reunion #2 at Lake Wallowa!  Thank goodness the kids did wonderfully in the tent trailer! We spent lots of time on the water relaxing and playing!
 Playing on the dock!

Daylin (my cousin who is 10 days younger than Keaton!) and Camden fishing!

Keaton the photographer!

Camden being a goon!

Nana and her kiddos!

I love this little series!

Keaton spent every moment that he could on his bike!

Great buddies!

Grammy and her great grand kids and youngest grand child!!
Cute buddies!

Bumper boats!

 Up the tram to feed the chipmunks:

Hanging on for dear life to Uncle Marks hair!

Waiting and hiding to "scare" people!


Papa's girl.

Yay for Uncle Mark coming to throw the kids around and swim in the ice cold water with them!

Camden was SO grumpy on the way home.  He was asleep and he kept sighing, growling, pouting, crossing his arms and stomping his feet.... in his sleep!