Monday, August 27, 2012


Camden just chillin with Izzy!
 Keaton started Kindergarten last Wednesday!  He LOVED it!   I asked him what his favorite part was and he said "Playing outside.... and MOM there is going to be a SPORTS day!!" Aka P.E. sounds like I have a normal boy!  On Saturday when he found out that he didn't get to go to school he was upset... so I guess he loves it!  He has been very tired, getting up early is NOT what he is used to.  He does great in the mornings but by afternoon/evening he is quite cranky!  He has been taking a few naps though again which has helped.

The first day I got to ride the bus with him.  He has been VERY excited to ride the bus to Nana's house every day!
 While I am getting ready for fall, I am going to miss the happy giggles that come from the pool!
Paddling on their boat!

Keaton giving them a ride!

Keaton mid air trying to knock them off the air mattress!