Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Family Friends

We stopped on the way to the reunion to visit some close family friends!  We had such a wonderful time catching up with all of them.

We celebrated Camden's actual birthday with an ice cream cake!

The kids got a 4-wheeler ride out to see the cows!  They LOVED it and are still talking about it!

 The girls and their Mommy were gone but we got to enjoy Darren for a bit!
Wagon rides with Darren!

Tiana did a lot of carrying Tank around!
Come on Tank PLEASE jump through the hoop!


Tiana and L  hit it off!

Coming to give Mommy a WET hug!

I love this view!  Three adorable kiddos and a beautiful backdrop!

 We headed back for another day so that we could see the entire family!
The kids all got along SO well!  They had a blast and played hard all evening!

Ring around the Rosie!

Seriously, we just loved every minute with these wonderful families!  All six kids treated each other just like best friends!

Darcy and Keaton met their match!  They raced and raced for hours and then spent another hour wrestling!!

Avery and Tiana joining in!


Nyla said...

Benji & Kyla,

It looks like everyone had a great time. Nice to see these photos! Thanks.

Love, Nyla