Friday, July 20, 2012

Swimming, 4th of July and New Meadows

Well it really set in an got HOT here so we have been staying in the water as much as possible!  We headed over to a friend's pool for the day to cool off. 
Tiana got right up and jumped off the diving board!!

Trying to keep his mouth closed and swim and the same time!

Their uncles were there so there was lots of goofing around!  Uncle Ryan throwing Keaton in!

Camden pushing Uncle Ryan in...

They thought this was VERY funny!

Uncle Derek jumping through the foot hole on the air mattress.

Pushing Uncle Derek in!

Showing us his big muscles!

 The 4th of July with my cuties!  Poor sissy was really not feeling good, she had pneumonia and maybe a sinus infection too.  We were on treatments every four hours plus antibiotics.  We just finished with the second round of antibiotics and she is back to normal!  YAY.  Her asthma specialist had wanted us to try to wean her down to one of her lung steroid treatments a day (we have been on 2 a day).  We have tried this in the past and she has ended up with pneumonia... we had such a good winter with her though... so I had high hopes for this time working!  Nope... we went to one a day treatments for four days and her asthma started getting bad so we went right back on two a day.  Within a couple weeks she had pneumonia again!  So, NO more attempting to get her down to less treatments.  We are staying on the twice a day everyday routine!  Why mess with what works... I guess she had a good winter not because her asthma is going away but because we have it very well controlled with all her regular meds!
She was on prednisone at this point so she had a bit of energy even though she sounded AWFUL!

 We went home after meeting and did a few fireworks with the kids.  Tiana is still scared of fireworks and most sparklers! Camden and of course Keaton LOVED the sparklers!

We got some huge, extra long sparklers and Tiana was ok with those!

 I took the kids up to New Meadows for a few days while Daddy went fishing!  Tiana got to be lazy in the house since she didn't feel good still. She turned down horse back riding... which tells you how miserable she was!  She loves horses!  She did manage to make it down to see the colts though!
Keaton and my Uncle B.

Camden had the courage to ride!!!

There is a new/old swing set now up there... the kids will LOVE this!

Awwww love this!

The colts just loved the kids!  They kept nuzzling their hair!

Camden to the horse, "EEEWWWW dats disgusting!" 

Look at the horses tongue!

Grandma Great with the kids!

Sis was not sure about the horse nibbling on her!

The kids were VERY excited to find a rainbow in the house!!!!

"On MINES hand!!"

It really is a wonder she ever hits the ball with her eyes closed that tight!

Yummy Smores!