Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We had a wonderful convention, the kids did so good!  They slept wonderfully every afternoon meeting!

This is what we saw most of the time.... a flash of boys running energy off!

If we ever wondered where Lily or Tiana was we would find them together.

Cousins and best friends!

Baby Lincoln and Kylie!

Happy Father's Day to the most kind, loving, patient, fun Daddy!!

Jace, Keaton and Damion these three had lots of fun together!

Davina and her three kiddos came to stay with us!  It was a crazy, loud and fun few days!

We took the kids to the Y to go swimming one day!

Photos thanks to Landon!  Davina and I lived together for a few years in college.

Izzy before hours and hours of trimming....
AND after!
 We enjoyed an afternoon celebrating my nephews turning 3 and 1!
 He enjoyed his cake... just a little bit!

 We have also been enjoying lots of bike rides.  Camden is now riding his little bike very well and something tells me that we need to take this little girls training wheels off!  Keaton is off of course and Daddy has to ride his bike to keep up with him!


Unknown said...

You don't know me but I have to tell you that my husband and I were in Wednesday night meeting with 4 generations of your relatives in Cambridge. It was so exciting to realize that the author of this blog and the people across the room were related. I can't even remember how I started reading your blog but I enjoy it so much - especially what you do with a sewing machine and a camera. It really is a small world. If you want to email me - I would love to hear from you. Your mother in law has my email address.

Debbie Olson