Sunday, July 22, 2012

Camden 3 Years!

Our little firecracker is Three!  Camden is such a happy little boy.... except for when he is not happy... then he is REALLY not happy and EVERYONE knows about it!  For the most part though, this little guy is a fun loving, sweet, goofball, and how can I forget, Loud!  He has one noise level.... piercing!  We are always telling him to talk quieter.  He talks all the time... he even talks himself to sleep at night! Camden is very goofy, always wanting to make us laugh.  
Here are a few Camden-isms from lately:
He calls a sidewalk a "side-ee-walk"
He always says "Oopsie-Doopsie!)
Tiana hit him the other day and he came to me crying.  I asked what she did to him, he replied "She hit me with her MUSCLES".
The next day I heard him tell Keaton, "If you don't stop I going to get you with my muscles!" 
When we drive to meeting through the farm land he has to know what each crop is.  If it is an orchard he has to know what kind of fruit.

A lunch time conversation:

wink wink

Buddy, you are getting so big!  We love you so very much!  We hope you always stay as loving as you are right now.  You will always give Mommy a hug and a kiss and you don't complain when I request one.  You are quick to say sorry, thank you, and I love you!  I hope you are always quick to remember to say those things, it will get you far in this life!  Happy Third Birthday!