Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our weekend

We started out our weekend with my Aunt and Uncle over for dinner. Tiana was showing off her burping skills... she is an expert back patter!
There isn't anything like a sleeping baby to put you to sleep.
Aunt Dec and Tiana reading books!
Saturday morning we went to a wedding.
We just took Camden and Nana and Auntie Kyla watched the older kids.
Uncle Mark came over to join them and spend the day with the kids so Daddy was able to go fishing.
Keaton tried out his chopstick skills... or lack there of.
Then we went to the MK Nature Center to see the fish.

Camden had a wonderful day out and about... he slept the entire time which worked rather nicely.

Looking at the fish with Uncle Mark and Auntie Kyla.

We asked Tiana where the fish were, hoping she would point to them. She put her hands in there air saying she didn't know!
BIG fish. Keaton was able to tell Daddy that he saw more fish than Daddy and they were bigger!

Tiana loves her Auntie Kyla.... she would much prefer her over Uncle Mark at first. I love how the kids just immediately go to her even if it has been a while since they have seen her. Goes to show we aren't the only ones excited that she is joining the family!
Just to prove that this Mommy was there!
Keaton just had the best time tackling his aunt and uncle!

Getting a closer look and then realizing how tired she was!

Poor little guy just loves to be wrapped with a blanket in the carseat but then it just got so hot! He didn't seem to mind but we were glad to get him out of the heat.
Running to the car with Nana.
Now that he lost his umbilical cord (last Friday actually) he gets REAL baths!!!
All clean and bright eyed.
Camden's first Sunday Meeting.
This is what I see all but about 2 to 4 hours a day.... calm sleeping baby! LOVE IT!


KatieB said...

It looks like you had a fabulous weekend! So glad that Camden is an easy baby and you're able to get out and about.

Diane said...

I love seeing your family pictures since we are almost family. I especially enjoyed the ones with Mark and Kyla and kids. They are such a cute couple and glad your little ones enjoy my granddaughter. She is a wonderful girl and marrying a wonderful man. Looking forward to getting acquainted with all of you.
Nana (DIane) Parker