Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eventful week

We had a wonderfully eventful week here!
Camden got his first bottle to see how he would do.... he did great so now we can do a bottle in meeting and I can do some photo shoots.
We enjoyed the perfect weather....

Camden relaxed...
while the other two ran off some excess energy!

The kids admired their baby brother.

And loved on each other!

I just love the little toes sticking out!
Then we had Lillie and Landon visit with their mommy Davina! We didn't take too many photos because we were to busy having fun.
Keaton discovered a new way to wear underwear!
The boys at bedtime.
How many kids can fit in the little sandbox!?!

Sunday best.

5 kids 4 and under with another one due this winter.... Landon and Lillie are getting a baby brother or sister!

A sewing project got completed!

Camden has been full of smiles and I got one on camera finally!

Auntie Kyla came and stayed with us as soon as Davina and her kids left. I LOVED her help the past couple days. We are now without company and I am not sure what the kids will do with themselves tomorrow!


Cassandra said...

Oh, what lovely photos! Tiana looks like such a big girl now with that big smile!

It always brings me joy to see groups of children playing together. So sweet!

Will, Shelley, Chet and Zane said...

I am amazed that you get sewing time in!! I am very impressed! You are an amazing mother! =)

Country Family said...

fun times! hope you are doing better...
Lillie still asks about Camden!