Saturday, August 8, 2009

Filling Out

Our baby boy is quite the little eater and is really starting to gain some weight! At my doctors appt. on Thursday, they weighed him and he was 7 pounds 9 ounces! I am recovering nicely but it is a slow go.... each day gets better though.
Bright eyed before bed.
Check Spelling This is quite the goofy look but it shows how well he is holding his head up now! The focus light on the camera gives him BIG eyes!
This one looks a lot like my baby photos.
Listening to big brother and sister talking to him.

Here is the boys' room...
This is the crib set I made, Keaton used to have a double bed so I cut down his comforter to make it a twin and made the bumper and crib skirt from it and some corduroy. This is the crib from when I was a baby because anytime we mentioned the boys sharing a room Keaton would get concerned that he would be taking his bed! This crib made it a little more real and really exciting plus made it so we didn't have to move Tiana out of the crib yet.

Love this one.