Sunday, September 28, 2008

Almost 2 and 5 months

We have been getting ready for the big 2 year party here in a couple of weeks! My mom is taking Keaton for the day tomorrow so that I can go get his party things without his "help"! He also went to see Nana for a couple of hours on Friday so I could get the house cleaned and their fall clothes all out and washed. I got Keaton's all done and this week I have to work on Sissy's. Keaton loves the visit and I enjoy being able to get a little more done. It is amazing the difference between one and two children. I get so used to it that I forget. During our time just Sis and I we went out on the front porch and snapped a few photos.

This is the smile that you see most often through out the day. She always has her tongue out.
And here is our big boy. We took just a few photos of him to go in with his little invitations! We are having a sports party since he LOVES balls and all sports. His invitations turned out SO cute.

Taking his actual two year photos are going to be QUITE interesting this year! More of a chase and snap quick than a pose and look perfect I am afraid! We better slit up the family session and his so he doesn't get to burned out.


KatieB said...

Those eyes! Beautiful!

I have a football cake pan if you're looking for one. Ryan had a sports party for his second also. I made the football cake and then a basketball cake out of a round cake pan.

Have fun!!

jamie said...

Kyla! I can't believe you have 2 kids and you sew beautiful things and take beautiful pictures! I can't wait until we meet up as adults sometime. Its been so long! Come to Bend! XO jamie