Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Adventures

We had a rough month of March/April! I took Tiana in before spring break for and ear infection... when they took her oxygen level they had a doctor come and escort us to a room.  Later I found out it was 91 which they hospitalize at 90! She had a double ear infection, pneumonia and Thrush!  We left armed with lots of meds!  Over the course of the next 2 days she just got worse and worse.  We were doing treatments every 2 hours around the clock to keep her somewhat ok.  If I had known what her oxygen level was at this point she would have been in the hospital.  We saw her specialist 4 times in 5 days though and were able to keep her home.  After 4 days of her not getting any better she developed REALLY bad hives.  I took her in to quick care and basically they just said that she was reacting to one of the 8 meds she was on but we couldn't take her off anything because she was NOT GOOD!  They did x-rays and blood tests and found out her white blood cell count was through the roof.  She had strep group pneumonia which was not responding to the antibiotics she was already on.  So we added another med and were told to see her specialist again the next day!  YIKES... at this point I just felt like a pharmacist!  She took a full week to see any improvement!  One week later she was bad again!  Back to the specialist we went and it was a sinus infection this time.  We changed all her asthma meds around again and have had a good couple weeks... THANK GOODNESS!!  We have another appt next week to discuss where we go from here.  We may end up taking out her tonsils and adenoids this summer to see if that helps at all.  Needless to say between that and 42 photo shoots the past month and a half I haven't had a chance to update anything.

We ventured out to the park on one nice day when Tiana was sick so she could see something besides the couch!  She couldn't even be pushed on the swing... that wore her out and kicked up her asthma.  SO her awesome Daddy carried her around to see the sights!

 The first day that Tiana was a bit better we went to the Discovery Center! SO nice to get out of the house... it was Spring Break and the boys were going crazy being cooped up! Not to mention Tiana was on Prenisone for a few weeks so once she felt a tiny bit better she had all sorts of crazy energy! :)

She did great and enjoyed herself.... however by the end she had gone 3 hours without a treatment and was starting to turn blue.  Goodness that was scary!  Her inhalers and rushing home to do a treatment took care of it though!
 We met these guys for a bowling evening which everyone enjoyed!  They have moved out about 15 minutes from us and we LOVE having them close.  The kids go to different schools but we go to the same meetings now!!

 Each of the kids' best friends!

Gotta love nieces!

 The kids had a Friday off school so we went to the Zoo!!  Brynlee... and her parents... met us there!!

soooooo cute!