Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Tiana

Tiana loves mermaids, horses, pink, sparkles of any type, and she loves to dance and sing!  Basically she is the typical girly girl!  She loves to wear dresses and I have to MAKE her wear pants for PE days!  She still loves anything that Mommy made.  This little girl has a quiet determination about her, she sat down and read an entire book this last week.... sounding out every word and never getting frustrated.  She asked if she couldn't figure the word out!  After at least a half hour we tried to tell her that she was doing amazing and really didn't NEED to read the entire thing if she was tired.  NOPE she kept going!  Once she sets her mind on something there is nothing that will slow her down. She loves school and can't WAIT for 1st grade!  Her teacher said that she is the quiet leader.  She leads the class without anyone even realizing what she is doing since she goes about it with such a soft spirit.  WOW, I hope she keeps that quality!  She is the glue between her siblings, she does her best to keep everyone happy.  We are so very lucky to be called her parents!  We could all take a lesson from the joy she gets out of life!  
Tiana wanted a mermaid party for her 6th birthday... her Mommy doesn't like doing Disney themes so we found this shirt and made it into a dress for her birthday!

I had fun with this cake!  I wanted a sweet mermaid so that is what we did!

After I frosted the cake and smoothed out the top I took a slightly darker color frosting and swirled it in on the sides to look like waves!

Daddy spend all evening with the chocolate mold and bright colored chocolate!

Party favors!!

What a cute group of girls! Lily, Cora, Belen and Tiana.

Two cuties both with a crooked front tooth about to fall out!

These three, for the most part, do so well together!

Presents from us.