Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flamingos, beach, and fried ice cream

First we will backtrack a bit since we just got the photos off of Nana's camera.
These were taken the first day we got on the beach:
And this is what we do pretty much all day every day!

This is where you can tell we are in the Caribbean! 
 Today we took a little trip this morning to some shopping... wasn't that great but we got something for each of the kids!  We got to see a baby Ikea... seriously what you see was all there was!  We had a good laugh about it and then used their tiny but clean restrooms! 
 The second place was a market on the beach... we enjoyed this for the scenery!


 We spent the rest of the afternoon doing our usual laying on the beach! 

This was awesome... the guy was jumping the boat!

We then had dinner and fried ice cream!  The kids were quite amazed and didn't believe that they lit our ice cream on fire so here is proof!
 I will leave you with a bit of a circus show... complete with a monkey!

All that playing with the palm trees landed Papa a coconut on the head! ;)  Papa, palm trees are for monkeys!