Monday, February 25, 2013

Dominican Republic

We are now enjoying some much needed R&R in the Dominican Republic.  This is the Chief rewards business trip... the same trip that took us to Maui last year.  We flew all night so today we had a relaxing day laying on the beach!
The beach in front of our resort!

I got approval to use an air cast for on the beach, it felt SO good to get out of the boot for a bit!

This is what happens when a wave sneaks up on a photo op!

Mom and I, of course we happened to only bring one swimsuit cover up... the same one!

Policeman on horseback!

Our beautiful room with our back patio and outdoor bed.

This little kitten came to visit us!

Now this is the biggest bed I have ever seen!  Two queens together make one GIANT King size!

Papa being a monkey!

Sending kisses to the kids!

Purple palm trees that we had to take a photo of for Little Miss Tiana back home!