Saturday, June 2, 2012

Convention Dress

A few months ago I saw this dress from Garnet Hill.... with a price tag of $88!!!!!  Excuse me it is on sale now.... for $68!!!  So what did I do... I went and bought the fabric to recreate the dress for MUCH cheaper!  So tell me... how did I do!?!
I did not want to buy a new pattern when I have a bunch of perfectly good patterns to use as a starting point.  I used the Oliver + S Bubble dress as a jumping off point.  Honestly, I am not sure that I can even say that I used that pattern after all of my changes.  I mostly just used the instructions on how it goes together.  I made it have a square neck, chopped off the cap sleeve and made a flutter sleeve, lengthened the bodice and added a sash.  I also totally changed the skirt and didn't have it bubble.  When we were in New Meadows we drove by this AMAZING old truck.  I had to hurry and sew up this dress while we were there since I knew it would be PERFECT for photos with this dress.  I didn't have buttons so I had to pin the back for the photos!  Now I want to buy that truck to use for photos all the time!
LOVE the buttons.  I got them off of Pick Your Plum a while back and they are the perfect match!!!

Since I can't stand throwing away scraps I made a hair clip for her to use!  I didn't have a glue gun so it had to wait to get made until we got home too but she will wear it to convention with the dress!

My little model!  HOW did we get such a beautiful little girl, inside and out!  I am SOOOO excited with the way that this dress turned out.  I am going to have to make more like this in the future!


Cassie said...

Love that last photo! Talk about striking a pose, and that pout is every model's dream :) Was she wearing it today? I saw her from a distance and noticed the beautiful dress from all the way across the grounds!

Natalie said...

Oh, I love this!! I wish you did use a pattern so I could sew one too! :)

Krystal said...

You did great! :) Stella has one of the Garnet Hill dresses...I can bring it over for a comparison ;)