Friday, May 11, 2012

Lil' Miss Tiana is FOUR!

The morning of her birthday the first thing she said when she woke up was, "I'm I FOUR now!!!!".  She also had her well child appointment, she is 46.5 inches tall and 42 lbs... 99.99 percentile for height but she has dropped to only 15% for weight!!  No wonder I can't find any pants to fit her!  Her doctor said that there is no need to worry, she just lost her baby weight and that she eats healthy!  On her actual birthday, Daddy brought home something very exciting for the little Princess.

FLOWERS!  Daddy sure knows how to make her day!

She had so much fun opening presents!  She was so cute, every time she would exclaim, "Ohhh, it is just what  I have ALWAYS wanted!".
 Saturday we had a party day!  In the afternoon we had a Princess Party for all her little friends.
I had so much fun making pretty cakes!

Ruffle cake!

I have been wanting to make a crown for her chair and I finally got it done!

The pretty decor.

My beautiful girl!

We found these adorable little cupcake holders at TJ Maxx and based the party around them.

I made all these crowns for each of the little party attendees.

And these for the boys that came along!

And this is SO typical!  Boys making faces and my little girl cute as can me!

Some of her friends.

The boys.  Even though the girls greatly outnumbered the boys, they had no problem terrorizing the entire group! :)

That is a lot of bouncing princesses!  Tiana would exclaim, "Now we need to get our beauties rest!" and all the girls would lay down!

What an adorable group of girls!

 The kids all had SO much fun and they were sooo cute all dressed up having a GRAND time!
We had to get this little crew in a photo before they left!

That evening we had all the family over for the next party!
My little family!

She was just a LITTLE spoiled!

Showing us her jump rope skills while wearing every single hair thing she got!
Thanks to all who made her birthday so memorable.


Shana said...

Looks like you thought of everything!! What a fun party for a little four year old princess!!