Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First day of Spring!

We have flowers blooming and snow on the ground!  Personally, I loved the snow today!  It was fun but I know that it will melt off so why not get out and enjoy it!  Tomorrow is supposed to be 66 degrees!!
 We went outside to enjoy probably our last snow of the winter!  The nice thing about a spring snow is that it is warm enough for the kids to stay outside for quite a while!   They played for an hour and a half.

Racing around and wrestling with Izzy!

Tiana making a snow angel... Izzy thought it was lots of fun to chase her feet!

Throwing a snowball at Mommy!

Giving Izzy lots of love and hugs!

Camden pushed this truck around forever making "brrm brrm" noises!

A nice thing about having a puppy is when this boy is wanting to have a snowball fight but his siblings are less than thrilled, a puppy thinks it is lots of fun!