Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Gifts

With two very close friends about to have a baby I got some baby gifts made.  I have all this yummy knit so I knew that I wanted to make some blankets, burp cloths and washrags.  Boring, yes, but it is always used!  For little Lincoln to be born in 2 weeks:

A fun stitched border.
 I had a swaddle blanket with Camden that I LOVED!  I got online to see if I could order one for each of them but not only could I not find anywhere in the U.S. that sold them.... they were $25 plus shipping from Australia!!  YIKES... they weren't THAT good! So of course the sewer in me thought, I will just make them.  This worked out great because there were a few small changes I wanted to make to it anyways.  I had wished it was a little bit bigger and the flap in the middle was different.  So, I made up a pattern.... they really are amazing... Camden (who was quite the wiry little critter) couldn't wiggle out!  The flap in the middle went over their feet then the shorter section wrapped and then that longer skinnier part wrapped them up tight!  I may start taking orders on these so let me know if you are interested.

We of course were missing a newborn to test it out on but Tiana's bear, Lulu was very cooperative!
 And for Kylee:
She got a "neutral" colored one since that is what her Mommy wanted!

Love these pink monkeys!  This one got a bias tape edge.
I can't wait to meet both of these little ones.... and take their newborn photos!! YAY!