Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going to the Fair

We went to the little fair in Homedale last week with the kids... ate fair food... and looked at the animals!
Camden ate some ketchup with his half of a foot long corndog.

Our poor city kids had to ask what this animal was... umm yeah... Papa builds dairy barns but they hadn't seen a baby cow before.  Wow, that is embarrassing!

Of course the goats were (as always) a favorite!

Camden is making some progress and actually enjoyed them this time around!  Although he is still calling them "sheeps"!

You can't tell what he was doing in this photo but oh how I wish I had a video camera.  He saw one of the goats scratching his ear with a hind leg... Camden had to give it a try... with his leg!  Funniest thing ever!!!!  He also learned how to very accurately make a goat sound.  He would say "maa-aa-aaa" and they would do it back!

Of course, Keaton our animal lover.

Camden kept saying, "No, horsey eat me... going to eat me!!"  Don't know where he got the idea that horses eat small children, Tiana wasn't worried though!

Pool time

With the weather being hot finally we have been spending lots of time at the pool of some family friends!  The kids to awesome and they love it.  It is amazing how well Keaton swims now.  He doesn't have any floaties any more and can motor around the pool easily without me having to worry very much.  We actually went to the YMCA last week and he passed the swim test so now he can go down the huge water slide all by himself!  Which he did once and declared too scary to do again! Go figure!
Uncle Ryan taught him how to do a cannon ball!

Camden even loves to jump in.  He flies off the edge spread eagle so that he can land flat and can go under.  It is not a successful jump unless one goes all the way under water ya know!

Now Tiana spends a lot of time like this.... examining the bottom of the pool... worried and asking about anything she sees.

The first few times I have to pull her in by her hand.

Then she gets the hang of it!!

And does it over and over again!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Feeding the ducks

Saturday my whole family went out to eat at Tepanyaki Japanese Steak House, you sit around a big griddle and they cook in front of you.  Very fun and delicious!
This is what Tiana thought of the whole experience.... terrifying!!!  She did ok but she will still tell you that the fire was scary and she didn't eat very well... had to keep both eyes on the guy cooking!

Keaton loved it of course and here he is showing one way to use chopsticks!
 After we finished eating we went to he park to feed the ducks and chase the geese!

I can just hear Camden "ook it, right der!!" (look it, right there!).

Right after this photo Camden stepped up and hit the goose on the back!  Sometimes I am not sure what goes through this kids head!

When he wants to get any animal to come his direction he seems to think that yelling at it will help! "Come here, duck!"  Then he wonders why they are all scared of him! "Right der, two a 'em!"

They boys when running while my little girl kept feeding the ducks with her Papa!

Chasing the Geese.

He ran around flapping his arms trying to get them to fly... he finally succeeded....

And boy was it a little scary!

Those goofy Uncles sure are fun!

Holding on really good!

And of course we turn around and Keaton is in a tree!  No big surprise there! (Of course he had help getting into this one)

"Me do it, Mines turn"

Can't leave out the beautiful girl!

"What's that"

As he pulls Papa's chest hair!

He loved getting a good reaction!

Daddy has been hard at work building this cubby system for Tiana's room.  She needed more room to store her toys... this way her My Little Pony's, Barbies, Babies, and dress up clothes can all have their own bin instead of being all stuffed into one.  The top part has a few of her favorite animals and dolls right now but it will hold all of the kids' books... as soon as I find some extra time to move them all in there.  Next up in one half this size for the boys' room so that I can put the changing table into storage!