Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camden: 2 Years

As you know this little boy turned two!  We got around to taking photos last week finally.  He also had his doctor's appointment so we found out that he is 27 pounds and 35 inches.  He is right at 50% weight and he dropped from 97% to 60% in height.  The doctor said he is due for a growth spurt any time now!  He has been in the same size shoes for almost 6 months though so I am not surprised.  He is our little pip-squeak though!  Neither of the other kids had any 24 month clothes that still fit them once they turned two... Camden on the other hand has a bunch of 24 month things that he isn't even close to fitting into yet!  Except pants that is, he has long legs!  The doctor was VERY VERY impressed that he is 100% potty trained already!  So are we... having no kids in diapers is just AWESOME!!!  Anyways, he did great for photos and we even snuck in a few of Keaton... just because!

Peeking at Mommy.  All these next shots were taken in under a minute... he didn't stay anywhere very long!  He had to try out each of the holes in the fence!

My big boy!

This is how Keaton felt about photos!!!!

Nana showed up at just the right moment and turned the scowl into a smile!

That Daddy and Nana are SO funny!

I love this... he was trying to smile really good for us!