Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Days

We have been busy lately with the kids' uncles who are home from College/Work for Christmas break! Keaton has loved all of the attention. We have also enjoyed getting to know Uncle Mark's girlfriend Kyla. Yes... you did read that right! She is great and we all really like her but it does make it quite confusing when we all are together. We will have to figure out how to keep each other straight! So far no nicknames have stuck! We spent the day at Nana and Papa's on Sunday. It was VERY cold, snowy and WINDY but that didn't stop Keaton, Uncle Derek and Uncle Ryan from enjoying the snow. I am pretty sure that Keaton outlasted each of them. He gets cold but he just loves being out in the snow.
There were big drifts that the boys just thought it was so funny to plop Keaton into!
Stuck and loving it.
Getting buried.
The wind would come up and blast snow into his little face and he would come out the other side looking like....

Teaching Keaton how to make a snowball!
We head on Wednesday up to New Meadows to spend a LONG weekend with family. There will be lots of game playing, sledding, and relaxing.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our nephew

For VERY cute photos of my little nephew check it out here!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lemon eating!

Video sent by mommy

Daddy's New Camera

For Daddy's birthday we got him a Nikon D60! He got it in and we had fun playing around with it this morning. LOVE love LOVE it!
We never can get both of them just smiling at the camera but the snapshots of them loving each other are cute too.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just Sissy

Bad photo but this gives you a little picture of how much air this girl gets in her jumper!!
SO exciting!
We took all her clothes off the other evening to play which she loves.
Playing with Daddy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

7 Months

Here are our adorable daughter's 7 month photos! She hasn't gained any weight this past month but she has grown quite a bit in length. She is 29 1/2 inches long!!!
Goofy little grin.
My favorite.

Cousins and Cake

We welcomed baby Kason home last week and brought dinner over to the new parents. Keaton sat and held Kason on a couple different occasions for LONG periods of time! He was VERY gentle and calm.... which if you know Keaton are two qualities that he doesn't often possess. He knew that it was his baby cousin so he better be careful I suppose. It was SO cute. I kept asking him if he was done and he would just say "nope".
Giving him loves.
All of the cousins.... well almost......
Auntie Shanna and Uncle Tom are expecting now too!!! They are due the end of June so we will be excited to welcome a new cousin to the bunch!I just loved this. He was holding Kason and had to have his arm around his little sister too. He was rubbing and patting her back being the protective older brother and cousin.

Sunday Daddy had a birthday! We got a quick photo before Tiana was out for the night. We had family over for Pizza and cake.
Of course any cake is good.... but you add whipping cream to the top and it is WONDERFUL.
The birthday boys.
On a side note. Keaton is definitely two! He has developed quite the little stubborn, demanding personality. We have heard "NO Daddy/Mommy, NO" more these past few days than we have at all this past year! He has learned to do a somersault though quite well and it is very cute. We will have to get it on video pretty soon.... he just has to be in the right mood to do it on command of course.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More of Kason

Mommy and the kids went to visit Kason again today. Everyone is still doing great and set to come home tomorrow. Keaton loved giving his cousin big loves.

Just to prove that Sissy really was there! She took a nap as soon as we got there and woke up in time to leave!
A new first for today though... anytime that she sees us eat she wants to also. Needless to say she had her first french fry today. Not that she was hungry but she has discovered the joy of eating.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BIG news!!!

The kids have their first cousin and we have our first nephew!! Baby Kason Edwin was born tonight at 6:30. He was 7lbs 4oz and 20 inches long! Mommy is doing WONDERFUL and so is baby. He is such a content little baby for right now! Not to mention beautiful! I had the privilege of being in the room with her to share in this special experience.
The proud parents.
Daddy came with the kids after meeting. Keaton didn't know what to think at first of the whole thing but once he took one look at baby Kason he was giggle and grinning from ear to ear. He kept mimicking all of Kason's little noises and laughing when he would move.

We will be going back to visit again tomorrow so we will have some more photos of us holding the little monkey.
On a totally other note... Keaton found the permanent marker today and for some reason decided to color on himself!!! Just on his face though... maybe he was smelling it!?!? He came out to me at the sewing machine and happened to catch his reflection in the china hutch..... I heard this "Uh Oh mommy, Uh oh, make a mess mommy on face". I turned around to find this!
I could hardly contain my giggles enough to scold him for getting into it and tell him it wasn't good. Luckily baby wipes work wonders for getting permanent markers off of skin!