Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cousins and Cake

We welcomed baby Kason home last week and brought dinner over to the new parents. Keaton sat and held Kason on a couple different occasions for LONG periods of time! He was VERY gentle and calm.... which if you know Keaton are two qualities that he doesn't often possess. He knew that it was his baby cousin so he better be careful I suppose. It was SO cute. I kept asking him if he was done and he would just say "nope".
Giving him loves.
All of the cousins.... well almost......
Auntie Shanna and Uncle Tom are expecting now too!!! They are due the end of June so we will be excited to welcome a new cousin to the bunch!I just loved this. He was holding Kason and had to have his arm around his little sister too. He was rubbing and patting her back being the protective older brother and cousin.

Sunday Daddy had a birthday! We got a quick photo before Tiana was out for the night. We had family over for Pizza and cake.
Of course any cake is good.... but you add whipping cream to the top and it is WONDERFUL.
The birthday boys.
On a side note. Keaton is definitely two! He has developed quite the little stubborn, demanding personality. We have heard "NO Daddy/Mommy, NO" more these past few days than we have at all this past year! He has learned to do a somersault though quite well and it is very cute. We will have to get it on video pretty soon.... he just has to be in the right mood to do it on command of course.


Lincoln's Log said...

How exciting for Tom and Shanna, tell them congrats for us!

MSue and BMcD said...

So THAT's what Tom's "going to the doc" status on facebook was all about a while back! I knew it!

Keaton is SO precious with his little sister and his baby cousin, it makes me smile and think of how much I cherish my little brother and sister! :)