Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Time

Most of Daddy's family was in town this weekend so we got to spend some wonderful time with all of them.
Getting so big and strong.
Cousin Chloe. She is just a few months older than Keaton.
4 Generations
Grandma and Grandpa and their beautiful grandchildren!
Great Grandpa and Grandma Z with most of their great grands.
With our grumpy little kids!
Just a bunch of cousins.
Keaton was quite the serious, reserved little boy.... definitely not what we are used to. Sometimes a short nap will do that to a boy!
Chloe and Keaton trying to be cooperative for their mommies. Chloe's little brother Eli is one month younger than Tiana so it will be nice having both of our kids the same age.
Kissing Cousins!

Cora, Jill, Auntie Shanna and Tiana.
Getting some Auntie time.
Our little family. The last family photo we took was almost exactly a year ago at Dawnita's funeral. One year ago today we lost a sister and aunt. She was in our hearts today and our thoughts and love go out to Mom and Dad. Your strength and love is inspiring. We love you. Isn't this the most beautiful little blue eyed girl you have seen!?!?! We think so.
On the way home Keaton very much became his usual self. He took off his shoes and had to get every speck of dirt and grass off of his feet. He can't stand having anything on them.
He then discovered that he can still put his toes in his mouth so he entertained himself the rest of the way home! Much to our dismay!
LA LA LA LA... this is what Keaton does when we have ear piercing screams coming from Sissy's carseat..... which we do A LOT! She is not a good traveler. Thank goodness Keaton is tolerant for the most part. Today we taught him how to plug his ears to keep him sane!


Shana said...

It was so fun to see you again and catch up! Tiana is such a little doll and Keaton is the cutest! Wish we could get the kids together more often~ I'm sure they'd have all kinds of fun!