Saturday, March 28, 2015

Arizona New Years!

We took a road trip down to Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl over New Years!  It was chilly... granted still way warmer than home but it wasn't swimming weather!  The kids kept asking to swim but it was only 50 degrees and the pool was not heated.  After bugging us about it constantly we decided that they could swim if they really wanted to!

I have never seen them get out of the pool so fast! Camden actually went under but he got out so fast his hair didn't even get wet! What I don't quite understand is how Keaton can jump in a freak out... then Tiana proceeds in jumping in as well.  THEN after both of them scream... Camden STILL actually jumps in!

Tiana got back in just to prove that it wasn't THAT cold!
 We hiked up Pinnacle Peak one day and it was beautiful!
Keaton wanted a photo of him "sitting" on a cactus.

Goofy kids!

Fiesta Bowl!! Keaton has been to every single Fiesta Bowl that the Broncos have been in.  We think he might be our good luck charm!

HaHa this makes me laugh!

The kids with Chip!

New Boise State dress for the occasion!

Uncle Derek lives down in Phoenix so it was wonderful to see him!!!

This made Keaton's night, he went down to the edge to see the players and one of them actually went out of his way to go over, jump up and give him five!  So fun!!!!