Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mother's Day

  Mother's day is always extra special to me.  I look at my kids in awe of the fact that I was chosen to be their Mommy!  It is a humbling day to me in thinking of their birthmother's who so selflessly loved their child so much that they gave me the chance to be a Mom.  The way our family has come together has been perfect!

We tried out a new hair do and it is a Sunday favorite now!

I had to do my change of season silhouette madness!  The boys once again chose their designs!
I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner but you always see cheap knit dresses that are plain.... this year I got smart and added some designs to make them special!
 Tiana had her field day and loved it!

Keaton had his too but I didn't get very many photos since I was helping out with a group!
Twila spent her birthday and down time with us and we all loved it!  The kids have gotten very attached to her and we all love having her around.  She has become an Auntie to the kids and I love that they have the chance to have a close relationship her!


Twila said...

Just now checking your blog. Aw!! What you wrote about my bday was so sweet!! I've loved being close to your family too! :-)