Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back to Costa Rica

You will have to forgive my drop off the face of the earth!  2 hours before we were to leave on our 4am shuttle to go home.... I got sick!  VERY sick... food poisoning... miserable sick! By the middle of the first flight my Mom had it... second flight my hubby, next flight my Dad!  So yep we were all very sick for a solid 10 days! Needless to say, looking at Costa Rica photos didn't sound all that appealing!
Here we are though finishing up our trip!  We took a boat ride the second to last day and got to see white faced monkeys.  Are you seeing a theme here?!? :)

Alligators all over!

Jumping!!  So fun to watch!

HUGE iguanas with ponies!

 On the way home we drove under a tree with lots of monkeys in it... so of course we had to stop!

Crazy Tourists!  The monkeys were probably there all watching us crazy people pulling over and taking photos!

TINY baby!

Dad got them all really going and I got a video I will post!
On the way home we went into Tamarindo to watch the sunset.

Shell bowtie!