Friday, November 4, 2011

From the lips of babes

Tiana: Mommy, look at me!
Me: Ok, I am watching (as I was turning around).
Tiana: NO, put your face on me!

Camden tells me something...
Me: Mmmm hmmm.
Camden: You NO Mmmmm hmmm me, answer me right now!

The other night we had the workers over for dinner.  As they left Tom told the kids that he had to leave before he turned into a pumpkin.
A few days later at the dinner table.
Keaton: How do people turn into pumpkins?
Daddy: (laughing) Oh, they don't, Tom was just pulling your leg.
Tiana: (SHOCKED and a bit horrified)  Well, that is just NOT very nice!!!

In Wednesday night gospel meeting Tom had said "King of the Jews".  Keaton starts giggling and I asked him what was so funny.  He said, "He just said 'King of Juice'!  Every time that Tom said it after that Keaton would just get the giggles!
This morning as the kids and I were cuddling in bed Keaton sits up and very seriously says...
Keaton:  MOM, we have got to take you to the doctor!!
Me: Why do you think that I have to go to the doctor!?
Keaton:  Because Mommy, there is something really thumping in there (pointing to my chest)!
Me: Honey, that is my heart and let's hope it is really thumping in there!!


Mama Moe said...

So sweet! I love all the little things that come from their mouths!

Please tell Tom "hi" from us!

Twila said...

HILARIOUS!!!! Hope you don't mind.. I shared them with Tom. HAD to... Maybe you already did, but since it was out there public... ;-)

I once told three young girls (6,7,8?) I was going to turn into a pumpkin if I stayed up any later, when in their home on sp mtg rounds. Years later I was back to their home and they told me they had believed me!!... lesson learned...

Lenaya said...

Love it!! Glad you're recording these things!