Sunday, January 11, 2015


We came home to sheetrock, tape, texture, doors and trim! How exciting!
Looking at the Kitchen and Dining room from the living room. I spy a kitty too!

Camden's room.  The door to the right looks into the Jack and Jill bathroom and then through to Tiana's room.

Tiana's mini walk in closet!

Miss Skippy who likes to follow us down to the house and walk around checking everything out!

Columns done!

The kids and Daddy spend a Saturday cleaning up the yard so we could get fill dirt in!

I then got to start testing out paint colors!

Child labor at its finest!  It is amazing what the promise of a couple dollars will get you!

Mr. Camden's room!  Bright to fit his personality!  I love it!  I just found some robot and rocket ship fabric in these colors for his quilt!


Other half of the study.

This is one of my favorite features of the house!  Such an easy little add on that adds tons of character!

Powder Room.

Master Bedroom.

Master looking into the master bath.

Mudroom... I have to say I am very proud of my hubby since he built all this!!

Dining room.

Entry way.

Craft room.

Ha, Keaton's room.  I told him to go stand in the corner so I could get a cute photo of him!  He thought he was very funny!
There is a better photo of him!  The colors are closer to that in the top photo though.


We love the rock on the fireplace!
 Cabinets were next!!!!




Bath at the top of the stairs.  Love this floor!

Study with carpet!!!!!!!!!

We have carpet and hardwood plus the fireplace is finished!

Granite goes in!!!

Tile starts! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen!

Bath at the top of the stairs.  This is one of my favorite rooms!  Love the tile and colors!

Master bath with the walk in shower on the left.

Basement!  My hubby layed all this floor by himself!
 We will jump ahead a little bit to Nov and our very early snow!  Rock on the front.

We FINALLY get concrete.  Who knew you could be stood up by so many different people!  After a couple months of being stood up by concrete people we were able to get our guys down to do it.... and now we have front steps!

Tile is done!

Entry way!  Door stained and lighting is up!

I can't say enough how much I love the tile backsplash.  It is exactly what I wanted!
I need to go take more photos again because the inside is almost done and the outside is waiting on a deck and then we will be moving in!  My hubby is hard at work taking off as much time as he can to get the deck going!