Monday, June 11, 2012

Doggy Graduation

We had go Izzy through obedience training.  It has been so nice!!  I love being able to take her on a walk without a lease, have her obey... to have her respect us.  Tonight all the kids were on bikes and we walked right by two dogs with her heeling beside me.... she didn't even hesitate.  Worth every penny!

Tally graduated with Izzy!

Best buddies!

And enough of the posing and being good, that hat on your head looks really fun to eat!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ruffle Capris and Skirts

A skirt for Lily!!  It is actually for her birthday but we gave it to her a bit early so that she could wear it to convention!!
Here are a pair of ruffle capri pants I just finished.   I am not crazy about them but they work for comfy little pants for summer. They look really cute with a tunic but she doesn't like the two together!

 I got this green shirt at the Gap Outlet for 97 cents and loved the back of it. I picked up some fabric to make her a skirt to go with it.

I added the bird on the front in the shirt and she loves the combination!

Preschool and New Meadows

 Tiana and Keaton finished preschool for the year.  The photos of Keaton are still on my phone so I will have to post them later.

Preschool was wonderful for Tiana, it helped her to become more comfortable in a group without  me there.  She found herself and loved every day!!

Tiana and her little preschool friend and our neighbor Rylee.

Tiana's awesome teacher Mrs. Krause!
 After we were all done with school we headed up to New Meadows for the weekend.  It was good for me to have some time with my little family to relax.  The first thing that they did was find the crayons and draw lots of photos for the fridge!
Our little artist!  Butterfly, flower, heart, bee and at the bottom two people holding hands.

Keaton drawing a rainbow and a little person jumping on a pogo stick!

Hard to see but the two little people are holding hands and the one on the right has pigtails!

We had asked what the person was doing under the rainbow and he told us he was jumping on a pogo stick!  Yep that is what it looks like!

I LOVE Tiana's name  She gets all the letters but not necessarily in order.  We have been working on it since this and she now has it right most of the time.

There now it feels like home!
 We took the kids fishing and we managed to get Camden addicted to fishing!

They each caught at least four fish!

Camden was so cute reeling in each fish.  It took forever but he did it all himself with lots of concentration.

Tiana throwing the fish back in!

In between catching fish there was lots of running and tag playing!

Love this.   As soon as there was a fish on Tiana would come running and squealing!

We ended up having to keep a few.  Daddy threw them up on the grass while he was finding a stick.  Camden examined them.

Tried to pick one up.... love his face!

Then turned around to try to throw it back in the water!

Seriously excited kids!

Camden trying to throw back a fish.... the poor thing landed on the rocks at his feet!


Carrying our fish to the car!

Me and my kiddos!

Happy 8th Anniversary to us!  Photo thanks to Keaton who is turning into quite the little photographer!

Love the Root beer Float mustache!

Camden reeling in a catfish!!!