Sunday, May 1, 2011

Talented Daddy

For my birthday this year, I told my wonderful husband what I wanted and he drew out the plans and made me this!!!
 I don't have a sewing room right now so I have a little corner of our bedroom set up.  This works perfect to organize all of my things while keeping most of it out of reach of the kids!  Plus all that color is enough to make me wake up happy every day!!
All of my vintage buttons stored by color with some trims in the middle jar.  Then of course a place for all my scissors and seam ripper (out of reach of little fingers) and a few of my patterns that I use all the time.

Then my thread and serger thread out so I can see all of the colors.  The bottom dowels are for hanging my pattern pieces on.  When I cut out patterns I usually cut out a few since this is my least favorite part of sewing.  This way all of the pieces can be stored together until they are ready to be sewn together.  Right now I have two dresses for Tiana all cut out and ready to go for convention.  One I have started already and I love having all of my pieces hanging right there where I can grab which ever one I need next!

I love it!  It is so nice to be able to tell someone exactly what you want and have it customized to your needs!  Seeing all this makes me want to make time to sew right now!!!  Thank you to my very talented husband!  I am already thinking of other things he can build for us!!


amybee said...

Kyla - this is wonderful! I definitely could use one of those! Benji did a great job!