Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pinkalicious Party

One of Tiana's favorite books is Pinkalicious... however I know many people have never read the book so here it is... well not all of it but you will get the point anyways!  You can also click on the photos to make them bigger if you can't read them!

 Add that cute book with the fact that she LOVES anything and everything pink and you have a Pinkalicious party!!
Her well loved Pinkalicious doll as well as the stuffed horse that she has made Goldilicious (another book in the series).  And of course a giant Pinkalicious cupcake.... the cake itself was pink also although I forgot to take a photo of that!
Just like the book!
One VERY happy Pinkalicious!

Part of me can't believe she is three... the other part of me can't believe she is only three!

I had LOTS of fun with the decor.

Easy tissue paper pom-poms and ruffled streamers!

Sometime between Friday bedtime and Saturday Morning this mysteriously happened!!!!  It really is quite fitting since in the book Pinkalicious snuck out to get one more cupcake!!

The adorable culprit who got away with it since it was HER party of course!

She of course had to have a crown... which this Mommy got to lazy to make and went out and bought the Pinkalicious one!

Her Pinkalicious outfit that Mommy made!  It will become a dress-up skirt!

What is better than streamers.... ruffled streamers!!!  I saw the idea this last week on MADE and knew I had to do it for her party.  I am not a big fan of regular crepe paper streamers but two colors ruffled.... that I LOVE!  I just ran them through the sewing machine... easy but elegant!  I had a little bit of extra light pink so I just ruffled an edge and made some cute flower accents!

She added her wings halfway through the party!  She was SO excited for her presents this year!!

She has drama even when opening presents!

She LOVES Keaton's Leapster Explorer so we got her one of her own!  She was SO excited!  This will come in very handy when it comes to a 5 and a half hour flight to Hawaii in June!!

She came a LONG way from last year when she cried while we sang to her and her first birthday when she was terrified of candles!  She sang to herself at the top of her lungs, grinning the entire time!!  ADORABLE!

We need a little practice in the tea party area!  Tiana got a tea set from Auntie Kyla and Uncle Mark... they all LOVE it!

While not the most organized or pretty or neat tea party there is, it was certainly cute and fun for them!


Country Family said...

ADORABLE! No other word for it! Great job Mommy!