Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Camden's One Year Photos

Well we finally had a chance to take Camden's one year photos. I can't believe how grown up he looks and how did I get a blond boy!?!?

Camden is my happiest, easy going kid but also the MOST difficult to take photos of. He is STUBBORN and refuses to look at the camera. We have to trick him into smiling and looking. He smiles a lot while NOT looking! It was the perfect weather for this spot but for the life of us we could not get him to stop looking at the fish!! Of for that matter I couldn't get him to stop looking like this....
... except for a one second glance.
Then he went back to straining to look at the fish! Lesson learned, Mommy can not compete with fish!

He even will smile at me while closing his eyes REALLY tight so that he still isn't looking at me!
And he thinks that he is really quite funny!